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Current project information.

The project is approximately 90% complete.


Explore this map showing existing conditions and proposed improvements.

Randall Road Project Update 7/20/2021

Pavement Marking Process Update: The permanent striping is a highly reflective inlaid tape that is placed in the grooves of the pavement.  The contractor is working diligently on the grooving operation prior to delivery of the pavement marking tape, ensuring that they will be ready to go when the supplies[...]


Randall Road Project Update 6/23/2021

Work completed last week: The Randall Road medians are complete and landscaping is finished in various locations. The pedestrian tunnel lighting installation is ongoing.  Final surface paving at the project limits of Randall Road and Algonquin Road is ongoing (see images below). Upcoming work includes: Final surface paving at the Randall[...]