Q: What is the purpose of the Randall Road corridor project?
A: Randall Road is severely congested, has inconsistent access to businesses, and lacks pedestrian/bicycle access prompting safety and accident concerns. The project improvements address these issues and will enhance the efficiency of the corridor.

Q: What factors went into determining the best design?
A: A myriad of different options were evaluated during the early engineering process.  At the Randall Road / Algonquin Road intersection, options evaluated even included a grade-separated interchange. For the project overall, traffic operation, safety, right-of-way needs, economic impacts, accesses to businesses, future maintenance costs as well as actual construction costs were factors used to develop the final plan. 

Q: What specifically is happening at the Randall and Algonquin intersection?
A: The improved intersection will include additional traffic lanes and left turn lanes, as well as right turn lanes. At the intersection with Algonquin Road, Randall Road will have four through lanes in each direction, double left turn lanes, and a right turn lane in each direction. Algonquin Road will remain two through lanes in each direction while the left turns will be increased to three turn lanes in both directions, as well as a right turn lanes.

Q: How long will construction take?
A: Construction is expected to start in August 2018 and will continue until June 30, 2021. The bulk of the major construction will take place in 2019 and 2020. During this time two lanes in each direction will be maintained, with some lane closures occurring mostly in the pre-stage work in 2018. Depending on the weather, the contractor will be allowed to work through the winter months if they choose. Please see the estimated schedule of work HERE.

Q: How much is the project going to cost?
A: Plote Construction, Inc. of Hoffman Estates, IL recently submitted the low bid for the construction at $45,891,418.73.

Q: How will the improvements be funded?
A: There are two general funding sources being utilized for this project. Federal funds have been secured for 58% of the costs and County funding will account for the remaining 42%.

Q: Will this project increase my property taxes?
A: No.  Funding for this project will be using 58% federal funds and 42% County funds.  The County funds being used are based on current funding sources.

Q: Will access to local businesses within the project limits change?
A: DURING CONSTRUCTION: Access will be provided to all properties during construction.  There will be times that some driveways will be temporarily closed while construction activities are in front of those driveways.  Advance coordination before these closures will be made with business and the public to alert drivers to these temporary changes.  This project website will contain updated information and project email updates will be provided to anyone who chooses to sign up for information. Sign up HERE  

AFTER CONSTRUCTION: The only driveways that are being closed are for the former Bank of America site in the northeast corner of the Randall Road/Algonquin Road intersection; however, a new access drive is being created for that property to the frontage road system adjacent to the former Dominick’s property.  The driveway modifications are to enhance the safety and mobility of the traveling public.  While some driveways will be modified, the project design will accommodate access to and from all businesses.

Q: Will access for pedestrians/non-motorized users be maintained?
A: Access will be maintained during construction, there are planned detours for pedestrians to avoid work areas. Signage and temporary access will be placed and maintained to allow continued use of current crossings.

Q: What new features will be included in the reconstruction?

  • Traffic signals and street lighting will be more energy efficient with the use of LED fixtures. Upgraded control systems will regulate the timing of the signals and the lighting providing greater efficiency and safety.
  • A new multi-use path is being installed along the east side of Randall Road and the south side of Algonquin Road to allow safe use and travel of the area by pedestrians and other non-motorized users. A 5’ wide sidewalk will be installed along the west side of Randall Road and the north side of Algonquin Road, again increasing the access and safety for pedestrians in the area. Designated crosswalks will be installed at side street intersections as well as the following crossings of Randall Road: @Harnish Drive, @Bunker Hill/Huntington, @ Algonquin Road and @Polaris Drive/Acorn Lane.
  • A new multi-use path from the Sherman Road and Bunker Hill Drive intersection will be constructed along Sherman Road continuing 700’ south and then turn east to connect with the new pedestrian underpass that will be installed under Randall Road. This underpass/trail will continue east until it connects with Stonegate Road. Along this path will be a boardwalk structure to allow use of the path over a wetland area that contains water for much of the year. 
  • Retaining walls will be constructed along both sides of Randall Road south of Bunker Hill/Huntington Drive to support the widened roadway section. These walls will be founded on a timber (wood) piling foundation, and will incorporate the culvert for the passage of Rat Creek under Randall Road.
  • Both intersections (Stonegate and the Costco/AMC Commercial access) will have new traffic signals.  To make sure Randall Road still operates efficiently, the movements allowed will be left from Randall and turning right onto Randall.

Q: Will the new traffic signals be synchronized in a way to maximize traffic flow?
A:  The traffic signals along Randall Road from Harnish to Miller (intersection to the north of Polaris/Acorn) will be interconnected to allow them to “talk” and maximize traffic flows. This same system will be in place on Algonquin Road from Harvest Gate to Crystal Lake Road. The new interconnection should allow for smoother travels through the area. 

Q: How can I get more info?
A: Receive more info by signing up for regular updates and periodically visiting this website. Sign up for updates HERE.