Pavement Marking Update:
Good News!  The contractor has received shipment of the permanent pavement marking tape.

Preparations for the installation of the markings (grooving the pavement) have been ongoing and have shifted to night work this past week.
On the night of 8/5/21 into 8/6/21 the contractor began installation of the permanent pavement markings, starting with the stop bars and pedestrian cross walks
at the Randall Road and Algonquin Road intersection. 
This work will continue over the next few weeks and will include some night work.

Upcoming Work:

Permanent traffic signal preparations for activation is ongoing — with a target of starting to turn these on by the end of next week.

District 300 schools start back to class next week. To assist with traffic flow, we will be opening the double left turn lane for northbound Randall Road to westbound Bunker Hill Road. 
This will allow increased access to Jacobs High School. This temporary condition will be made permanent once the traffic signals are activated.

As always, the work is weather dependent and please watch for workers and equipment.

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