Pavement Marking Process Update:
The permanent striping is a highly reflective inlaid tape that is placed in the grooves of the pavement.  The contractor is working diligently on the grooving operation prior to delivery of the pavement marking tape, ensuring that they will be ready to go when the supplies arrive.  The long, straight lines (i.e. centerlines) are ground in to the pavement with a truck-mounted system that moves along the road at approximately 0.5 mph. The dashes, stop bars, and crosswalks are completed with a hand operated machine. 

Unfortunately, receipt of the pavement marking tape has been delayed. The adhesive for the tape is manufactured in Texas, which was hit by a devastating freeze this past spring. In addition to failing power grids, much of the area’s processing equipment was not winter-proof, causing frozen nozzles and burst lines. This situation, in conjunction with reduced supply capacities brought about by COVID-19, has caused a delay in the pavement marking tape material acquisition. An order of this size (75+ miles!) is challenging to fill in normal circumstances, but the above events have made things even more challenging. 

Work completed last week:

  • Final surface paving at the Randall Road limits
  • Surface placement on Bunker Hill Drive / Huntington Drive and Polaris Drive / Acorn Lane
  • Final pavement marking installation on the north/south limits of Randall, east/west limits Algonquin, Acorn/Polaris, Stonegate, and Huntington/Bunker Hill Roads
  • Traffic signal activation at Algonquin Road and Crystal Lake Road
  • Grooving for the inset final pavement markings on Randall Road and Algonquin Road
  • Permanent traffic sign installation
  • Landscape installations on Huntington Road and at various other locations
  • Testing of street lighting and traffic signal cables throughout project

Upcoming work includes:

  • Grooving for pavement markings
  • Installation of striping (once materials are received)
  • Permanent traffic signal activations (once striping is in place)

Thank you for your patience.  As always, the construction activities are weather dependent.

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