The project is now 82% complete.

The electricians continue to work on the northbound street lighting and various traffic signals.  At this point, a majority of the permanent signals and many of the street lights have been installed. The signals will not be activated until all lanes of traffic are opened to ensure the signal heads correspond properly with the lanes. The street lighting will come on in sections and the temporary lights will be removed accordingly.

With the side street reconstructions now in full force, concrete pavement, curb, and sidewalk were placed at various locations. Stonegate Road was reconstructed with the new base modified and the asphalt placed. Huntington Drive and Bunker Hill Drive are also underway towards completion. Medians on the side streets were installed along with curb, sidewalk, and asphalt pavement.

The contractor has also made great progress on the pedestrian underpass and the path leading to/from it.  The new concrete floor was poured in the
underpass for a smooth surface, the retaining walls were stained, the railing was installed and the asphalt for the path has been placed from Stonegate Road
on the east (linking with the boardwalk) to Sherman Road to the west, including the “On Ramp” to go from the Randall Road path down to the underpass.
The path is almost complete but is not open yet.  Please remember this is still a construction zone and the area can’t be accessed until work is complete!

Work has also progressed on the sidewalks and the multi-use path along Randall Road and the side streets.  Last week the contractor graded, placed stone,
and paved the path south of Stonegate Road, completing another section of the path. PACE bus pads were poured for those that ride the bus, and sidewalks
at the corners were also installed.

Various driveways on Huntington Road and Sherman Road were poured as well.

The landscapers have been very busy as well, placing dirt and seeding various areas along Randall Road. 

Upcoming Work:

– Various electrical work will continue including light pole standing, wire pulling, and foundation installation along Randall Road.

– Landscaping operations will continue in the form of dirt installation and seed placement; on Randall Road and along the pedestrian underpass.

– Concrete work on Huntington Road and Sherman Road will continue.

On THURSDAY, MAY 6th, we anticipate that the northbound traffic on Randall Road will shift onto the two new outside lanes to allow work on the remaining left turn lanes and median installations to continue.  There should be minimal impact to traffic, but please drive cautiously through the work zone. With this last staging of traffic we will be able to start completing the final pieces of the project. This includes median installation and dirt placement (in preparation for tree planting), among other things.

We are now in the home stretch! Please remain as patient as you have been so far on this journey –  Project completion is in sight!

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