Work completed last week:

Randall Rd – southbound traffic was moved onto the new pavement from Bunker Hill to Harnish while northbound traffic remained on the existing roadway

  • Earth excavation, stone base placement and grading from Stonegate to the north project limits (north of Acorn) was completed and prepared for concrete pavement placement. 2 of the new northbound lanes were then installed along this stretch
  • Completion of the parapet rail along the southbound lanes at the retaining walls
  • Staining of the retaining walls continued. CLICK HERE to see a short video showing the stained retaining wall.
  • Installation of the pedestrian railing on the southbound retaining wall along the sidewalk began
  • Sidewalk work continued with the excavation, framing, base preparations and pouring of the new sidewalks
  • Landscaping operations continued from Bunker Hill to Harnish on the west side, as well as in various other locations
  • Storm sewer work occurred on Randall Road at the Bunker Hill/Huntington area
  • Temporary pavement placed at Bunker Hill/Huntington for remainder of northbound traffic lane shift (Harnish to Huntington)
  • Continued installation of electrical items for the street lighting and traffic signals

Algonquin Rd

  • Excavation, stone base placement and preparation for concrete pavement that was placed for westbound traffic at Randall Road to complete the connection
  • Asphalt and concrete driveways were prepared and installed
  • Sidewalk preparation and placement continued
  • Electrical installations continued

Bunker Hill – driveway and asphalt placement occurred


Work this coming week:

Randall Rd – northbound traffic from Harnish to Huntington will be placed onto the new pavement

  • Pavement removal, recycling, excavation and stone base placement will occur from Harnish to Stonegate
  • Work will continue on the northbound retaining wall to complete the installation of the remaining wall panels and crash rail. Staining of both walls and the pedestrian underpass walls will continue
  • Installation of railings on the retaining walls
  • Pouring of 2 additional lanes from Stonegate to Acorn as well as other gaps and side streets will occur
  • Continuation of electrical installations for street lighting and traffic signals

Algonquin Rd

  • Pouring of pavement gaps, completion of driveways
  • Grading and placement of topsoil, installation of landscaping
  • Median installations

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