Work completed last week:

Randall Rd

  • Concrete pavement placement for the turn lanes south of Bunker Hill Dr. was completed
  • Curb and gutter placed south of Bunker Hill Dr.
  • Completed sidewalk placement and landscaping between Bunker Hill Dr. and Algonquin Rd.
  • Implemented placing traffic onto the new pavement from Bunker Hill Dr. to the north limits
    [CLICK HERE for video visualization]
  • Began pavement removal on the east side of Randall Rd from the project north limit to Stonegate Rd.
  • Installed traffic signal foundations at the Randall and Algonquin intersections
  • Continued pouring retaining walls at the pedestrian underpass
  • Working on the pavement and barrier wall along the roadway retaining wall south of Bunker Hill Dr.

Algonquin Rd

  • Continued placing concrete pavement sections at driveways/side streets, installed curb and medians
  • Installed asphalt driveways and patching on Algonquin Rd.
  • Installed street lighting components on the north side of Algonquin Rd.

Side streets

  • Moved traffic on Crystal Lake Rd to allow intersection work
  • Bunker Hill Dr. excavated and stone base placed


Upcoming work:

Randall Rd

  • Continue forming and pouring the walls leading to the west side of the underpass.
  • Pour remaining pavement, turn lanes and temporary pavement from Bunker Hill Dr. to Harnish Dr.
  • Install traffic signal and street light items.
  • Crushing and recycling of the existing pavement will begin
  • Storm sewer installation will proceed from Acorn Lane towards Algonquin Rd.
  • Earth excavation to follow storm sewer completion


Algonquin Rd:

  • Continue pouring concrete pavement for turn lanes, intersections.
  • Work on curb and gutter, median and driveway installations.
  • Install infrastructure for street lights and traffic signals.


Side streets: Remove pavement, excavate, install storm sewer and place aggregate base on various side streets.

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