Work last week

Randall Rd:

  • Earth excavation from Bunker Hill Dr. to Harnish Dr. was completed and stone base installation was started.
  • Storm sewer installation for the south bound lanes has been completed.
  • Excavation for and placement of the remaining pedestrian underpass was completed last week, work has started on the poured in place “mouth” of the west side of the underpass.

See PHOTOS below or CLICK HERE and HERE to see video of the excavation and placement.


  • Installation of foundations and pipe for the street lighting and traffic signals at various intersections continued.
  • Concrete sidewalk, driveways, and asphalt driveways on the west side were also completed at various locations.

Algonquin Rd:

  • Excavation and stone base placement was completed for the new westbound lanes.
  • 2 lanes of new concrete pavement were placed for westbound traffic. An additional lane was also poured for left turns and medians.
  • Work continues on street lighting and traffic signals.

Side streets: Stonegate Rd. intersection pavement placement occurred along with continued preparations for pavement work along Stonegate Rd. Asphalt pavement was placed for eastbound traffic on Bunker Hill Dr. and street lighting work took place.

Upcoming Work:

Randall Rd: 

  • Complete the poured-in-place end of the pedestrian underpass. Continue forming and pouring the walls leading to the west side of the underpass.
  • Grade the stone base from Bunker Hill Dr. to Harnish Dr. for preparation of concrete pavement placement.
  • Continue installation of sidewalk along the west side of Randall Rd.
  • Place topsoil to start the landscaping on the west side.
  • Install traffic signal and street light items.

Algonquin Rd:

  • Continue pouring concrete pavement for turn lanes, intersections.
  • Work on curb and gutter and driveway installations.
  • Install infrastructure for street lights and traffic signals.

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