Work last week:

  • Preparation for the concrete pavement turn lanes and intersections on Randall Rd. from Algonquin Rd.
    to Bunker Hill Dr. was ongoing.
  • Work on the retaining wall continued. 
  • Installation of the street lighting conduits/foundations/poles continued. 
  • Prep work for the installation of the second half of the pedestrian tunnel is underway with the
    tunnel work expected within the next couple of weeks.
  • Work on Bunker Hill Dr. and Stonegate Rd. on the west side continued as well.

Upcoming work:

  • Concrete work will continue at various locations throughout the project. This work will include
    installation of turn lanes, curb & gutter, sidewalks, and entrances.
  • Asphalt placement will occur on Polaris Dr. and Commercial Dr. Asphalt entrances will also be
    installed as they are completed.
  • Street light installation continues along Randall Rd.
  • Storm sewer installation along Algonquin Rd continues.
  • Work on the southbound retaining wall and the pedestrian underpass continues.
  • Installation of piling for the path leading to the west side of the pedestrian tunnel has started.

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